Executive Protection

It refers to protection of VIPs or other Individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risks.

Our discreet professionals specialized in their work protect VIP who are facing personal risks because of their employement, high-profile status, net worth, affiliations or geographical location.

Public figures, high-net-worth individuals and VIPs may be exposed to heightened personal risk due to their profile, celebrity status, employment, affiliations, geography or net worth. With detailed risk assessment and timely planning, professional security teams of Reichert Security protect these high-risk persons from physical, financial and reputational risks.

Executive Protection offers personal security for the individualas well as for the company as a whole.

Advantages of Executive Protection

An executive protection plan offers personal security for the individuals as well as for the company as a whole.

Here are just a few of the reasons why executive protection benefits both the individual and the company:

CEOs must not be involved in packing bags, calling cabs, standing in line for any reasons, it is the duty of the management to save the time and keep them secure as well. CEOs are extremely busy people and every second counts. They are paid a lot of money because their time is valuable. When you provide executive protection for a CEO or other top executives, you enable them to use every second during their trip to do work for the company.


This benefit builds off of the previous one. When a CEO or other top executive is in knowledge that the travel will be safer and more protected, they are more inclined to make more trips, hence more business.

If the CEO and his/her family is safe at home, its more likely that CEO will be more productive and will be more often going for important business meetings.

The advantages of having a well-trained and quality executive protection team moving with your CEO during the business day or on a trip means that there is always a first responder immediately available for any medical emergency.

In some of the medical emergency situations, the survival rates depend upon how quick an individual receives the treatment. Our quality security teams are trained in dealing with these sorts of medical emergencies and transfer support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Executive protection officers work on the premise of making the unknown known, to ensure to the best of our abilities, the successful completion of the detail and protective coverage of our client(s). A bodyguard acts when a situation arises as opposed to planning ahead.

An executive protection agent is trained to purposefully detect and identify any hostile surveillance at any assigned place / area or the site.

Executive protection isn’t for everyone. It depends, upon your profile and the associate threats.

If you need help determining your needs, request an assessment on your situation from one of Reichert’s experienced security advisors, you may contact.

The number of executive protection (EP) agents a client needs to accomplish the desired security solution, depends upon the threat and the requirement, nature of area and travel requirements.

If an individual client is seeking 24-hour personal protection coverage, the client actually requires hiring a minimum of three (3) agents, as this allows for an agent to rotate coverage every eight hours with the other agents for a full 24-hour coverage period.


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