Bodyguard and his Responsibilities

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A bodyguard (or close protection officer/operative) as per Wikipedia definition is a type of security guard, government law enforcement officer, or servicemember who protects a person or a group of people — usually high-ranking public officials or officers, wealthy people, and celebrities — from danger: generally theft, assault, kidnapping, assassination, harassment, loss of confidential information, threats, or other criminal offences. The personnel team that protects a VIP is often referred to as the VIP’s security detail.


In layman language, Bodyguards are the security operatives with superior experience and acumen having direct interaction with the principal. Bodyguards have specialized trainings. They often a part of the security team or they perform independently. Bodyguards generally know the activity schedule of the principal and plan their moves and perform responsibilities accordingly. Bodyguards keep the information confidential.


Numerous people hire bodyguards for the reason that they are in public eye and there could be several associated risks. For example, celebrities face risk from overzealous fans and from the people who doe not like their work as a belief. Similarly, some people always want to take advantage of a VIP, s wealth. Few hire bodyguards who are rich, famous, famed and celebrated, hence feel threatened.


Revelries and the jealousy could be another reason to feel at risk. There could be many reasons creating a real demand to have the professional bodyguards for the safety and security.




Prime Responsibility of a Bodyguard


Bodyguard must be a skilled person to prevent and mitigate threats. Bodyguard must be able to stand in front of danger. Bodyguard should assess the imminent threats, security issues and devise a strategy to tackle the same. The work of a bodyguard is extensively challenging and sensitive.


Other skills


  • Correct assessment of the situation
  • Reading the imminent
  • Excellent judgment
  • Common sense
  • Must know team work and should be able to perform
  • Stout and healthy
  • Must have good training
  • Weapon handling
  • Preferably should have the driving


  • Calculative decision-making ability
  • Physical health
  • Trust worthy
  • Communication skill must be good
  • Good height and must look like a
  • Truthful




Bodyguards that protect high-risk principals may wear safety Jacket or the body armer. The bodyguard may also have other ballistic shields, such as Kevlar-reinforced bags / jacket. Principal if does not have grave threats, bodyguard can wear normal but smart uniform comfortable enough to perform his duties without any trouble.




Bodyguard can be armed, without armed depending upon law of the land and the prevailing threats.


Difference between Bodyguard and the Bouncer


“As per wikipedia, A bouncer (also known as a doorman or door supervisor)[1] is a type of security guard, employed at venues such as bars, nightclubs, cabaret clubs, strip clubs, casinos, hotels, billiard halls, restaurants, sporting events, or concerts. A bouncer’s duties are to provide security, to check legal age and drinking age, to refuse entry for intoxicated persons, and to deal with aggressive behaviour or non-compliance with statutory or establishment rules”


Just to understand difference between both “A bouncer is a security doorman who refuses entry to an individual or makes them leave an event if they are deemed to be too intoxicated or causing trouble. Bodyguards are employed to protect individuals from assassination attempts, kidnapping, or other attempts on their physical well-being”.


” The body guard is tasked with protecting one certain individual or a small group from

physical harm. Unlike bouncers, they’re likely to be armed, where permitted by law”.

Deniss E. Bolužs

Difference between Security Guard and the Bodyguard


Difference between both is a bodyguard is responsible for one or more individuals whereas a security guard is responsible for one or more premises.


Who may require a bodyguard?


  • Celebrities
  • Government officials


  • Wealthy individuals
  • Individuals who have been threatened in some way
  • Event Companies for the events like High Marriages
  • People who are celebrating events at home (for temporary reasons).
  • Anybody renowned
  • The one who faces some risks due to any reasons
  • Travelers
  • Persons who need protection due to any reasons


Responsibilities / Duties


The major role of a bodyguard depends on several factors.


  • Protection role given by the security company or the security
  • Can be assign the responsibility of close
  • Escort guarding role
  • IED detection if the area is sensitive
  • Surveillance and checking and monitoring not to be under surveillance.
  • Direct interacting with the principal
  • Assessing potential threats
  • Neutralizing any snatching, kidnapping or harassment attempts to the
  • Crowd control


How Bodyguard Squad Works – Concepts and Procedures


We will not discuss here the hiring procedures but purely will deliberate on concepts and work modalities. The concept is to know the threats and associated risks to the principal. Bodyguard gets the planned schedule of all activities well before time. As a team leader or in individual capacity makes the plan for the safety and security of his principal or the group. Arranges transportation, assess the route clearance, destination hazards, security arrangements, location of safe havens etc.


He plans his activities keeping in view the principal activities like if principal is travelling, he would see whether Principal is travelling through Railway or public transport or moving by plane, where he has to attend the meetings etc. He will ensure that his coordination in relation to safety and security are complete. He keeps all confidential.


When principal exposes himself to a range of risks mingling up in public or participates in rally and addresses to large audience, team leader of the bodyguard squad plans for foolproof protection.


Bodyguard team leader seeing the itinerary, plans one or more bodyguards for hanging over security to check the route is completely clear or not.


Clearance of Car / Vehicles


Bodyguard clears the car /vehicle for the principal and does not leave it un-attended as searched car /vehicle has to be attended by the member of a team. Unattended vehicles are exposed to multiple dangers like some IED can be attached etc.


Bodyguard ensures complete protection of the principal when he /she is coming to the car to travel. This moment is considered critical, as 60% of such attacks happen when the protected person is in or around the vehicle.




Travel is a very crucial activity. It has to be planned by the team leader very carefully. Travelling is always vulnerable to many hazards like target killing, ambush and other route perils. Bodyguard plans the halt points/ rest areas carefully. Ensures that choke points are cleared safely.



On arriving destination, two to three bodyguards (depending upon total strength of the squad) dismount from the vehicles and ensure that the site is cleared from safety and security point of view. When they confirm, give okay to other team members, they open the door and take the client to the final destination using flank procedures. If the principal is moving like shopping plaza or moves to some of the playing ground whose entries are open, bodyguard team splits in to small groups, few move with the principal, other perform monitoring around open entrances and exits while one or more remain around the vehicles. If the Principal is attending a marriage ceremony or the meeting in a secure building, bodyguards need to secure him keeping distance and should look after the entrance gates etc.

Return to secure location

On return the same care is adopted as the duties performed during move to the destination. Exiting from the vehicle and walking to the door exposes the client to risk, so the distance is kept as short as possible to cut down the time it takes to reach the door. Vehicle should be parked in carriage, door locked due to the security reasons.

The team leader will ensure collection of weapons, will make safe and keep it in to the designated place like weapon kote or the weapon box.





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