Risk Management

Using a carefully selected team of experts in the research and analysis fields ensures that we are able to accurately gather and interpret information. Our experienced professionals analyze the current security measures and test their effectiveness. The information is then processed into a comprehensive and documented risk analysis strategy, providing the opportunity to make business decisions accordingly. Reichert Security Services (Pvt) Ltd has unequaled market experience and reputation throughout the region that provides the benefit of a unique security risk analysis and risk management service.

Operational and strategic risk does not always result in business failure, nor does it always increase costs, decrease production, the issue, however, is that in can cause those things, hence it is imperative to manage the risks. For the best risk management, we offer professional advice, counsel, and decision support.

For businesses, risk management has grown to be a significant concern. The majority of firms have trouble evaluating and managing risk, particularly when that risk element is largely unknown. Although it is true that firms cannot completely eliminate uncertainty, they can commit to adopting technologies to foresee and manage its effects. Enterprise risk management is a problem since it significantly affects how successful a firm will be in the long run. Businesses have a number of difficulties with managing risks.

Integrating the best risk management company in your business processes can help in overcoming these challenges to a great extent as it enables you to predict, identify, measure, and ultimately avoid risks that can harm your business profitability and reputation both.

Benefits of Risk Management

  • Every project begins with an assessment of the danger in the core service line, hence, risk identified and managed deliberately
  • Worldwide consultants with extensive experience and a range of backgrounds helps you through our services
  • Delivery in a variety of difficult and circumstances
  • Collaboratively development
  • International norms and recommended practices in the Industry gives you faster growth

Changes in type of Weaponry
Used : 1990 - 2019

Recognize the Risk

There has been a sharp rise in certain categories of attacks. The demand for asset protection has expanded dramatically as a result of man-made threats to important infrastructure and economic targets.Reducing your vulnerability to various risks, such as sabotage, terrorism, and theft, requires that you understand the protection through physical and technical security to mitigate risk, spectrum.



There has been a significant increase in terrorist attacks using explosive devices, including incendiary bombs, firearms, and other explosives.



Terrorist attacks on the utility sector, including an increase in attacks on transportation, continue to affect global supply chains.



Attacks on facilities and infrastructure have increased dramatically, putting critical operations at risk around the world.

Source: Global Terrorism Database. (between decades 2000-2009 & 2010-2019)


Identifying what your vulnerabilities are, is the first step to a strong security plan.

You like to evaluate every situation. us too. Reichert’s holistic approach addresses all the factors that can threaten your ability to protect your business. We perform an individual and comprehensive assessment of your security needs and work with you to thoroughly assess the risks and vulnerabilities of your unique security needs by:

  • Assessment of assets and associated risks, threats and vulnerabilities
  • Assess new and changing risks based on crime trends and information
  • ExpExploring Facility Functions and Threat Paradigms
  • Immersion in security programs, policies, procedures, processes, technology and training

We then gain a deeper understanding of your culture, mission and vision. Evaluate architectural preferences and constraints, and review cost, value consideration, and other operational needs.

What puts you at risk? Feel free to contact us.

As a Reichert partner, our experts will help you build a plan that gets you to the finish line.

Like you, we value efficiency and competence. We work with you to manage your security strategy and protect what matters most: people, property and assets. Our team guides your project every step of the way by understanding:

  • Culture
  • Business Needs and Security Expectations
  • Compliance Requirements
  • Staff Skills
  • Organizational Skills and Resources

We ensure that all aspects of project execution and management are aligned with your designed operational and environmental needs. Our process is based on a unique combination of extensive security and law enforcement management procedures. We understand the operational and technical requirements of security controls in various environments. As a result, we provide organizations with ongoing expert support in all aspects of their safety management program.

Need a plan? We will help you.

Designing for security is no longer a reconsideration. The world we live in is too insecure.

We design security technology to integrate with your organization's needs, culture, and facilities.

Our security experts work with you to maximize the return on your security technology investment. They design an integrated security system that complements your building's architecture while protecting your employees, property, and other assets including human resource. We work with you and your architects, engineers and construction teams to identify potential security threats, risks and corrective actions.

A thorough understanding of your organization is very important, so we learn everything during the planning phase:

  • Development of infrastructure for design and budget information
  • Development of infrastructure for design and budget information
  • Attend a pre-proposal meeting
  • Supplier bidding process assistance
  • Project price recommendation
  • Coordination of onsite training

Our goal is to ensure that security technology design is cost-effective, rational, appropriate, and aligned with organizational capabilities.

What’s really keeping you up at Night? Have you some insecurity? Please Call us.

The Risk Management Process












Write down all the threats and risks you can think of, and ask for ones from other stakeholders.


Evaluate each risk by determining the likelihood of it happening and the level of impact it'd have.


Implement process changes to reduce the impact of each risk and a response plan for if it happens.


Review the progress of the plan and check if a risk has occurred but was missed on a continuous basis.


Communicate the effectiveness of the risk plan to stakeholders to keep engagement up.

Corporate Risk Management

Comprehensive risk management solution to protect your business.

Reichert provides expert risk management services for fortune hundreds of companies to small businesses to help organizations, prevent threats, eliminate vulnerabilities to reduce risk, and improve organizational resilience.

Reichert offers comprehensive assessment and training services for the security needs of any organization. We provide a thorough risk assessment to identify physical and operational vulnerabilities and develop an integrated security program with detailed contingency plans. Our specialists reduce risk from an 'everything at stake' perspective by analyzing the security situation from multiple angles. Additionally, we work closely with our customers to provide appropriate safety resources, provide ongoing assessments and customized training. Our highly skilled specialists perform field-tested risk assessments and We have developed and implemented a mitigation process. Our comprehensive solutions protect your company's intellectual property, including insider threat analysis and external risk monitoring.

Reichert's enterprise risk management solutions include:

- Risk and Vulnerability Analysis - Security Assessment - Intelligence Assessment - Internet Security - Planning Emergency Measured

Travel Risk Management

When planning a trip, be aware of the various risks that can occur during the travel experience. This includes things like getting lost, getting stranded, and being affected by local customs and laws. Use a travel insurance policy to cover these potential risks, and make sure to plan ahead to minimize them.

Travel risk management is a process that helps to mitigate concerns at each step of the journey, from planning to travel. This is accomplished through the use of a customized risk consulting service like DeRisk.

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Integrated Security Solutions

Executive Protection

DeRisk Travel Risk Management

Global Protective Solutions


Reichert Security Services (Pvt.) Ltd. is an ISO 9001-2005 certified Company. As a business founded upon the concept of adhering to the highest standards of service, DeRisk is strictly ensuring the implementation of TRM ISO 31030:2021 in its operations.


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