Travel Risk Management (TRM)

Risk - Crisis - Security

Assistance to business travelers, staff and tourists.

This service mitigates travel risks by providing on demand advisory and real time support.

We analyze undesirable aptitudes, criminal intents, identify risks, formulate mitigation strategies and provide high value services at economical cost to a wide spectrum of national & international clients.

DeRisk expertise includes Risk Intelligence,Travel Risk identification, Physical Security Design and Technical security. We also provide advisory services and robust support in crisis management, encompassing the overall Security Matrix.

Assistance to Business travelers, Staff, and Tourists Travel Risk Management Solutions & Advisory by Industry Pioneers in Pakistan


DeRisk Division possesses rich experience with an ever expanding expertise in mitigating risks. We adopt proactive planning techniques and technology to effectively communicate mitigation measures and to extend support.

DeRisk enables organizations to fulfill the responsibility of Duty Of Care by reducing the cumbersome task of Intelligence gathering, analysis, planning and support in safe travel through intimating identified risks and mitigating measures in a timely fashion.


Not only do we utilize the incoming data for analysis and planning our daily and incidental operations, we also keep a track of what is happening that can impact your movements in the ever-changing environment. This puts us in a unique position to keep you updated through:
Flash Alerts
Incident reports
Risk Alerts
Daily Briefings and more to ease your travel planning and arrangements.


DeRisk assists You in developing and operationalizing your Risk Management Program by providing timely and actionable intelligence tailored to your specific needs. We enable you to take important decisions by making available a continuous stream of reliable information at your fingertips. The information consists of Risk Alerts, High level risks, Elevated Risk, Watch Lists, Counting Reports and Risk Mapping.


During Travel, our Technical division is fully engaged in monitoring and reporting of location and environment related information from departure to destination. Data from various sources is processed in real time to assess any changes in situation.

Protection Unit/s are available en-route and in case of any emergency/ incident, Safe Havens can be utilized for Response and Recovery. Comprehensive information regarding Locations, Incidents, Developing situations that can impact your movement, Safety & Security and Option for Safe Havens remains available ensuring your peace of mind.


TRM encompasses a complete strategy of work to mitigate all risks for the safe travels that enables the organizations to discharge its obligations towards duty of care.

Travel Risk Management benefits you as it:
Eliminates or reduces Physical risk to employees and company liabilities related to injuries, sickness, diseases, physical/ sexual assault, theft, robbery, kidnapping and even death.
Prevents unfavorable situations and environments with different risk profiles by enabling access to important, timely and useful pre-travel advice for high-risk/ volatile locations.
Reduce the frequency and severity of incidents Reduce legal and financial cost by savings through timely and optimal planning.


PDGs are an essential component of our procedures and cover all aspects of Safety and Security to and within the desired destination. All travelers receive important preparatory standardized briefings. These briefings consist of necessary information that will make the planned travel easy and ensure a high level of safety and security.

The briefings are prepared and continuously updated based upon Threat Perception Analysis specific to the particular trip/ destination/s in question.


DeRisk covers all aspects of Security services. Before, during and after your travel, we continuously work to keep our information up to date. We are always equipped and ready to provide Physical protection whenever needed or desired. Our comprehensive range of services is available for all clients who have signed up for the same. From Security Audits to Point, Parameter, Area and Route Security, all fronts are covered. Our Travel Risk Management program is Flexible, Scalable and Reliable. Support is available via :
Physical Security
Security Cars
Airport Security Protocols


DeRisk not only continuously develops its Human Resources, but also adopts latest innovations in Communication technology to assure an “Always-Up” link with travelers from “Departure to Destination”. This gives you the unique advantage of staying ahead of any adverse developments and protects people, assets, intellectual property, time and potential business opportunities. We incorporate GSM, VHF, VPN, Messengers and any Telecom, Radio and Satellite comms available in areas of operations.


We consider to following factors and weigh to perform a Threat Perception Analysis (TPA):

Context Assessment
Stakeholder’ Assessment
Business Threat Assessment
Probability + Likelihood + Impact


As a division of Reichert Security Services (Pvt.) Ltd. focussed on Travel Risk Management, DeRisk offers an advantageous blend of products and services. Contact us to avail our top-notch services to safely travel across your desired routes/ destinations free of worries and more focussed on business operations. We offer:

  • Site Risk Assessments
  • Executive and High Threat travel briefings
  • Awareness against kidnapping
  • Itinerary Management
  • Travel Insurance
  • Close Protection/ Executive Protection and more
Itinerary Management

If desired by our clients, DeRisk is able to manage your Itinerary. Our teamsare able to facilitate you on every step of the travel with the highest standards of professionalism. We take the burden off of you and prepare an optimum travel itinerary by accounting for below factors in calculating an economical, safe and comfortable journey.

  • Document risk levels
  • Acceptable Levels
  • Safe Routes
  • Time available
  • Flexibility vis-a-vis risks
  • Connected routes
  • Alternatives Options
  • We are focused on Safety, Optimization and Preparedness.

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Travel & Health Insurance

DeRisk takes the unnecessary burden off of your resources by offering travel related insurance. We have collaborated with a number of reputable insurance corporations to design economical and comprehensive travel insurance packages for your trips. Contact us for details.


DeRisk has developed its capacity to offer a broad range of leisure related travel services for tourists. We offer custom designed all inclusive packages. Our packages come with your comfort, safety and security as the core service less all the worries associated with travel

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We have developed sessions for low, medium and high risk routes and destinations that ensure awareness and preparedness for staff and individuals. This includes access to an evolving repository of digital training courses and tailor-made courses for your staff on demand. Subjects covered include: violent attacks, coronavirus, stress management, natural disasters, and first aid.

More subjects and services covered are Travel Restrictions, Border controls information and advice.


Reichert Security Services (Pvt.) Ltd. is an ISO 9001-2005 certified Company. As a business founded upon the concept of adhering to the highest standards of service, DeRisk is strictly ensuring the implementation of TRM ISO 31030:2021 in its operations.


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