Crisis Response

Crisis Response refers to all the timely planning and actions taken to address natural and man-made crisis, critical incidents, and disastrous events.

Reichert Security resolves business emergencies and security crisis through swift response, expert advice and post-incident support.

Our crisis management specialists come from a variety of units, counting military and law authorizations. Together, they make up one of the biggest emergency intercession groups within the industry, Our admin, legal, IT, CEO and medical consultants are form part of this group.

Our crisis management teams detects early signs of crisis, identify the potential risks and concerns, asses the impact and devise the action plan to prevent from the crisis.

Our Senior Management Team
SMT determines the priorities and the objectives to the action plan and directs to all the crisis management teams (CMTs). At crisis room, our teams collect, evaluate and share the information to determine the response actions.

In a crisis, the capacity to move swiftly from making plans to reaction is key.

Our emergency reaction groups are profoundly qualified and have a wide cluster of abilities permitting them to instantly address any of the situations:

  • Assault | Terrorism | Abduction
  • Harassment | Extortion | Negotiations
  • Illegal Detention | Suspicious Death
  • Hostage Situations
Travel Risk Management

When planning a trip, be aware of the various risks that can occur during the travel experience. This includes things like getting lost, getting stranded, and being affected by local customs and laws. Use a travel insurance policy to cover these potential risks, and make sure to plan ahead to minimize them.

Travel risk management is a process that helps to mitigate concerns at each step of the journey, from planning to travel. This is accomplished through the use of a customized risk consulting service like DeRisk.

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Reichert Security Services (Pvt.) Ltd. is an ISO 9001-2005 certified Company. As a business founded upon the concept of adhering to the highest standards of service, DeRisk is strictly ensuring the implementation of TRM ISO 31030:2021 in its operations.


JULY 4, 2022
Physical Security Audit And Assessment

The aim of security audit and assessment is to check the security installations, security procedures, missing trails, compliance, desired impacts and effectiveness of the existing security.

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MAY 4, 2022
Bodyguard and his Responsibilities

A bodyguard (or close protection officer / operative) as per Wikipedia definition is a type of security guard, government law enforcement officer, or servicemember who protects a person or a group of ...

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NOVEMBER 4, 2021
Walkthrough Gates and Metal Detectors

Walk through metal detectors fall into one of two general categories. The first style of walk through metal detectors provides single zone detection. The second style provides multi zone detection.

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